Helping to Raise the Awareness of Strokes in Babies and Children

We are a sub group of East Kent Strokes set up for Children and families of Childhood Strokes.

Our Aim is to help Raise the Awareness of Childhood Strokes and have social events in order for children and families to meet up and share while having fun Much like East Kent Strokes.

East Kent Strokes is a Support Group for stroke survivors in East Kent.

 It was established in early 2001 to help and support stroke survivors and their carers and families by providing support and information and organising regular informal lunchtime get-togethers in selected local hostelries and other social activities from time-to-time.

 They  strongly believe that, particularly as far as stroke survivors are concerned

 Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future and every day is a new beginning“.

"Having a Stroke is not a selfish thing The whole Family gets to join in"