Helping to Raise the Awareness of Strokes in Babies and Children

We are a small group of toddlers, children, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunties, uncles and friends who all know a baby or child affected by a stroke. 

 Some of us meet through a web site called Child Stroke Support.  also on Facebook.

Run by Soniya Mundy in Bristol after her son Kray suffered a Stroke. She like many of us parents looked for support and advice and struggled to find it. She set up the first ever UK Website offering support, advice and friendship.

 We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for this.

In 2011 many families were able to meet up in Ashford at a charity football match. The effects from this were amazing. Watching your child meet other children who had been affected by stroke was wonderful. For at long last they knew they were not alone.

So because of this East Kent Strokes were asked if we could have a sub group and in their wise years of wisdom said YES!

So if you are in the East Kent area you can link in with others who have first hand knowledge of strokes and its effects. 

If you do not live in East Kent, then don't worry as you can still get support from WWW.CHILDSTROKESUPPORT.COM

To make a donation click the link below to the mydonate EKS Childhood Stroke page.