Helping to Raise the Awareness of Strokes in Babies and Children

Sam Swam AND Swam AND SWAM!!

At 2am on Saturday the 8th of September committee member Sam Chamberlain started her

Cross Channel Swim.  Thirteen and a half hours later she  stepped on  French soil.

 Sam has trained hard for the last 2 years swimming in the sea at Dover in the summer and in the Folkestone Pool in the winter, sometimes training for 6 hours a day.

 Sam is 18 years old studying to become a Sports Physiotherapist.

Despite being stung by a jellyfish and waiting for tankers to pass and being sun burnt, she was still smiling when she hugged her mother and friend who went down to the Folkestone Harbor to see her return to British soil .

Well Done Sam

Click here to see some of Sam’s swim.

In total Sam raised in excess of £11,000 

Below are a couple of photos from Sam’s celebration after she completed her mammoth swim